Bangladesh 🇧🇩 Travel FAQ


Visa on Arrival

Max Validity: 30 days, single entry.

Cost: $51

Available at all borders as of 2016

Documents Needed:

Passport, hotel booking, intended return flight, proof of funds (Remember to bring copies!)

Is it safe to go to Bangladesh?  

YES!!! You’ll find Bangladesh to be one of the safest, friendliest destination you’ve ever been.  

Furthermore, the Rohingya crisis and refugee camps are in a restricted zone, requiring extensive special permits and quite far away from any tourist areas.  

Despite all negative stories going out of the country, all visitors are touched by the warm hospitality of the Bangladeshi.

Is head covering or wearing a Hijab  mandatory for women?  

No, however a head scarf is great for protecting against dust and strange looks.

How much money should I bring?  

The local currency is Bangladeshi Taka (BDT). ATMs accepting international cards are widely available, and most major currencies can be exchanged nearby. Do keep in mind that the country doesn’t see many tourists, and eating at restaurants or staying in hotels is not common apart from the wealthy or men working away from home. Without a booming tourist scene to yield economies of scale, prices in Bangladesh may be higher than in, say, Nepal or India. 

Can I book bus, train, or boat tickets online?  

No, despite the promotion for online ticketing, most websites don’t work properly, or you need a Bangladeshi bank card to pay. You’ll have to visit the ticket offices when you’re here.


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